Generalized Oppression

by Degraded (RIP)

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Recorded by Lionel Ferry at Studio 04

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released October 23, 2012




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Degraded (RIP) Bordeaux, France


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Track Name: Dimitris

This night in the squatt the glaces are stretched out
Every minute that ever pass pulls us encircle them
(the assault of nazi skin cops is on approach)

A few days ago, a man committed suicide
In the front of Greek parliament
Under your stunned glaces

For now it belongs to us to honor the demand
No state crime should be able to kill a man
Now it belongs to us to charge them
Now it belongs to us to honor the death of the innocents

For his fucking Dignity
For the respect of anyone
Track Name: Abstentionism

Abstentionism is right
Nobody can judge me
Nobody can do something for me
My ideas as a flesh
Don’t need your support to be true

The sheeps locks themselves
To elect their master
The sheeps lock themselves
To give it good consciousness

In the facts to feel it useful
I used to do something in the street
The voice of the unheard people
Come from the streets
Again and again

No God No Masters
Track Name: Mainstream mediocrity
Mainstream Mediocrity

Without any personality, or critical mind
You are overwhelmed of constant stupidity
By a non-stop stultifying streaming
That keeps you in a syrupy blindness
You represent the straight majority
Which mental laziness maintain
Into a precarious superficial regression
Beatific customer of mainstream mediocrity

Press the button and don’t interact
Stay hermetic to the emancipation
Your unconscious is soaked with alienation
That evil minded marketers spreading

Follow the trends as the sheep follow the herd
You are just a fucking cash cow
That is sucked on the one side
And gutted from the other
Track Name: Homs is falling
Homs Is Falling

Earlier this morning
Bombs and hate were falling
In the street of Homs
A young man walks
Some blood on his face

Don’t believe anymore
For the profit and the war
Machine and dragon hands in hands

Later during the day
The faction is coming
Homs was falling
In the hands of militias

Where do you go?
When? Why?

And know people cry
And know people fight
For nothing
Track Name: Nazionist

Paranoia leads your acts, Fear is your mojo
Arrogant hound pack, hedging the commons row
Your interests are the antipodes of peace
Out of morality, by any means necessary

Built your identity as a victim, protect behind the sacred
But it’s just a political aim, feed with resentment

Make use of the past, reproduce traditional schemes
Yesterday injured becomes nowadays tormenters

Choose war as your building trade, ignoring the sufferings
Spreading suspicions to anyone interfering
Using anti-Semitism to blackmail the antiestablishment
Well oiled machine, structured as lobby entrapment

No matter which justification you implore to fight
Exactions have supplant your demands, get off
Your dishonesty has now been brought to light

Nazionist fuck off !
Nazionist fuck off !
Nazionist fuck off !
Nazionist fuck off !
Track Name: Tradition of domination
Tradition Of Domination

Welcome in the big top
Your desire takes lives
Crowd in jubilation

Front of fears of animals
Maintenance of sufferings
Relation of domination
In service of profit and business

Tradition of Domination

Animal ! Suffer!
Money ! Honor !
Empathy ! Nothing !
Respect ! Never !

Total stop of slavery
Animal diversity
Circus destruction
Circus tradition
Die !
Track Name: Sell your dignity
Sell Your Dignity

Woo !

You’re fuckin’ just nothing
You sell your dignity
The last only thing
That makes you exist

Life’s nonsense is a fact
But honor is a good
That can’t be transact
Depending on your mood

Yaaa !

Work is modern slavery
And slave are consenting
To being fairly humiliated
Exploitation is cementing

The law of the jungle
Has nowadays become
The law of the mangle
That’ll makes you succumb

Yaaa !
Track Name: Banksters hegemony
Banksters Hegemony

Driven by greed, leaded by the thirstiest
Connected with power, linked with villains
Instigator of self-fulfilling prophecies
Speculating with global tragedy

At the helm of a heading to failure vessel
Who’s taking in water left, right and center
Constantly cheating the average people
Pushing their talents into systematic swindle

Beuargh !

Selfish short term profits are damaging
But you know you’re acting in complete impunity
Bankruptcy is part of the process
No matter disasters it generates
Track Name: Heritage

Through your music
We live, we make choice
Through your music
Our desire takes shape

This whore of song is for you

As to mentors
We’re here to prolong the fight
As of real faith
We have to make the message pass

Your will never have
The appeasement of our hearts
Track Name: Envoy of passivity
Envoy Of Passivity

Look yourself in the mirror
You’re such an army without fight
You’re always waiting for nothing

Without any conviction
Envoy Of Passivity
Spectator of your fucking life

Minutes by minutes
Seconds by seconds
Grain by grain
Such an hourglass
Keep silent slowly
Let’s pour the waste of your own condition
Track Name: Police brutality
Police Brutality

Another police crime
This time it’s just a kid
Boots tramp from the street
Another day under acid rains

The assaults of police
Are again going to
Maintain you awake
Wake Up ! Rise Up!

A good cop is a dead cop

Don’t be afraid
Militias will load with you
No, never lowered eyes
Always keep fist raised

A good cop is a dead cop
Track Name: Sufferings from laboratory
Sufferings From Laboratory

Behind the doors of laboratory
Behind the doors of goals
The innocence suffers
For the property of your science
For the protection of your species

We need to do something

Destroy doors and goals
Save the animals of the human domination

Pushed in the skull
The probe receive the contact
Executioner takes note
Before destroying the dogs
As he destroys his own integrity
Track Name: Communihilist

Anger hijacking, denial of individuality
Haranguing the people, depriving of liberty
Standardization of one’s variety
Delivering assembly line slavery

Beuargh !

Raise your fists to be handcuffed
Absolute equality is synonymous with pauperization
Pie-in-the-sky leads to the worst nightmare

Contestation is disciplined with death

Totalitarian regime is the obvious path of communism
Grinding the persons, beating them to pulp
Spilling blood as often as necessary
Red flag is made of failed revolutions
Track Name: Security lies
Security Lies

Speak – The – Truth

False sense - of security
Sell out - turnkey
Lying business - sell on credit
Petty parade - of trickery

Elections - based on fear
Protection - for the liars
Guerilla’s - next door
Safe only - for the survivors

Burn !!
Molotov Cocktails !!

Throw anger to the system face
Destroy the cameras spying on
Raise the black flag in the air
Make utopia become real

Respond ! - in retaliation
Action ! - instead of reaction

Dividing for a better ruling – instilling by terror
Suppressing riot hardly – for deterring the bravest
Impunity for police forces – clubbing to death
Maximum penalty for the weak – two-speed justice

Security is a lie – Protection is fake
Track Name: Deception unleashed
Deception Unleashed

It is the screen you always watch
It is the law that’s made to tame
It is the fear you need to have
It is your master and your thief

Stare into its eyes, forget your dreams
Trust its glory, just bow down and pray,
Swim underneath where the truth is drowning,
It’s deception unleashed.

Its words pierce through your brain
It feeds, it speaks, it turns you slave.
Its realm is ageless and endless.
Call it Propaganda,
The lying tongue, you can’t cease to hear
The mass media that smashes your choices,
It’s the intruder, in your demonstration,
Reversing the roles, spreading the discord

It buys and it sells,
It’s the golden nightmare;
It’s the eagle rising above the lands that it steals.
Track Name: Potential riot
Potential Riot

Captive masses / Speculating out of blood
Dying For Pigs
Spreading terror / Rejecting responsibility
Maintaining fear

Shut strength
Potential riot
Load your guns
Slays the whores

Potential disorder
Potential riot
Potential attack
Potential gun shot

Slay the whores
Track Name: Generalized oppression
Generalized Oppression

No share means No emancipation
Every title deed is highway robbery
The masses maintained in alienation
By white collar yob rule autocracy

Common justice work for the richest
Government defends the privileged
Legislators represent the well-off interests
Lobbyists take care of loading the dice

Generalized Oppression …

Police is in charge of putting down rebellion
Army enforce the expansionist logic

Unfair competition between the peoples
Occidental arrogance through leader’s policies
We all lives in a gilded cage, whose bars are immaterial
But real blockings are inside our mind

General oppression must be under siege !