Deception unleashed

from by Degraded (RIP)



Deception Unleashed

It is the screen you always watch
It is the law that’s made to tame
It is the fear you need to have
It is your master and your thief

Stare into its eyes, forget your dreams
Trust its glory, just bow down and pray,
Swim underneath where the truth is drowning,
It’s deception unleashed.

Its words pierce through your brain
It feeds, it speaks, it turns you slave.
Its realm is ageless and endless.
Call it Propaganda,
The lying tongue, you can’t cease to hear
The mass media that smashes your choices,
It’s the intruder, in your demonstration,
Reversing the roles, spreading the discord

It buys and it sells,
It’s the golden nightmare;
It’s the eagle rising above the lands that it steals.


from Generalized Oppression, released October 23, 2012



all rights reserved


Degraded (RIP) Bordeaux, France


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